Security Cameras

Cudavision Security Products and Services

At Cudavision Security Solutions we proved a wide range of products and services for commercial, residential, and educational customers. We also provide custom solutions for security and surveillance applications.

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CCTV Security

Security CCTV watches out for your business when you can't. Keep an eye on secure areas from anywhere in the world with digital surveillance technology.

More than just supplying cameras, Cudavision Security Solutions provides you with surveillance experts, friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the latest in video surveillance technology. As leaders in video surveillance we offer:

  • Onsite surveys so you get what you need
  • Professional installation and support
  • The Latest Technology such as mobile device support
  • Remote Access to your system from virtually anywhere
  • MegaPixel cameras for the clearest, most detailed pictures available
  • Managed Surveillance for cost effective monitoring solutions
  • Service Plans so you can focus on your business

MegaPixel Security

Take your video security to the next level.

Why settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary! MegaPixel cameras are the newest tool in video surveillance and security arsenal:

  • Ultra Clear Images
  • Zoom in after incidents
  • The Latest Technology such as mobile device support
  • Plug in to your network without the need to run costly cables

Managed Security

Low upfront cost means more options for you.

Are you tired of maintaining your video security? Do you want a low cost security option that with flexible options? Our Managed Solution Plans feature:

  • Low up front cost
  • Latest video security technology
  • Managed upgrades and support
  • Regular scheduled check-ins and system health checks
  • Your system is managed for you

Service Plans

Get support when you need it

Do you have an existing video security system? Can't get help from your installer? Call Cudavision Security Solutions to handle your video security needs. We:

  • Maintain new and existing systems so you can get on with your business
  • Regular scheduled check-ins
  • Telephone, email, and onsite support
  • System health checks and recommendations

Alarm Security

Alarm security provides peace of mind

Let our professional team monitor against theft and break ins:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Hallways
  • Shops

Security Access Control

Free yourself from the hassle of tracking and issuing keys.

Our automated security access control systems allow you to administer access from a central location:

  • Add/Remove user access to certain areas
  • Computer based administration console
  • Devices use existing network
  • No more lost keys
  • Card reader, punch code, or finger print access